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Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler lives and breathes motorcycle accessories. He is an engineer by trade and a motorcyclist at his very core but he’s found his real happiness by welding these two passions together. Be it crash pads that steer your bike mid skid or handlebars that are shaped whilst still molten, his innovation and design help keep LSL miles in front of the pack. We caught up with Jochen to learn a little more before his products go live in the UK.


How long ago did you start LSL Motorradtechnilk?

I founded LSL in 1984. I’ve always had a passion for engineering I love how applicable it is. At the time I had no money at all but four motorbikes and a head full of ideas. I started modifying my own motorcycle parts because of this, each time perfecting a solution a little further. It was great to see how those bikes developed and then to see my handlebars and crash pads being used by other people. It’s what’s spurred me on ever since.

Making good bikes better is your motto – give us some examples of how that works:

This was born out of economy also. At the time I wanted to make my bikes that little bit faster, or more durable. Your bike isn’t just a machine for getting around on, we all have a connection with our bikes. We know when it’s best to change down or how the cornering is different when it’s cold or hot. That passion and love for our bikes mean we don’t always just want to sell it and get a new one. We are too attached to them! Modifying them reflects this idea in two ways. First it offers a cost effective way of upgrading our bikes and making them better to run, but it’s also a way of personalising and engaging with the bike. Our project LSL motorcycles show this, we took good cost effective bikes, then added things to make the bike more unique in both looks and, ultimately, performance for the rider.

In that sense we take the bikes that we love and reward them and ourselves.

What is your passion/how do you decide what motorcycle parts to start developing?

My inspiration today is the same as it ever was; I ride. The first motorcycle I modified was my BSA B 25 Starfire. I wanted to change the riding position on it, so I brought an R26 handlebar and modified to the shape that I wanted. Trialing it in different positions until it was perfect. That bar today is known as the LSL handlebar “LS1”.

Similarly a few friends and I took some modified scramblers through the Pyrenees last year. I took a Triumph, the amount of innovative products now in development from this trip is awesome. We just rode our bikes, encountered problems and worked out ways to fix them! It was the exact same process as with our crash pads and our foot pegs.

What is the innovation you are most proud of?

That’s a difficult one to judge. I am proud of all the products we put out. All of our designers are geniuses and are forever surprising me, and then each product comes past me before making it to market. That’s what makes us one of the best motorcycle accessory companies in the world.

One product that I’m really proud of is the Tour Match clip on motorcycle handlebar. We looked at sports bikes and really wanted to give them a more relaxed riding position without losing their sporty feel. The final product came out exactly as I imagined it and does the job perfectly.

I’ve also been really struck by the work we’ve been doing on the Triumph Street Triple. Its great to see a motorcycle reaching its epitome. The crash pads, handle bars, reservoirs and foot pegs all took a lot of work on that bike but it was worth it when you see the final product.


The German ‘PS Magazin‘ has crowned LSL motorcycle parts the Best Brand for motorcycle accessories and modifications, what does this mean for you?

We are really proud of this. Its the 5th time in a row its been awarded to us, it feels good to know that people appreicate LSL motorcycle parts. Its cool to know we are making a difference to peoples riding experience. We put a lot of work into every crash pad, handlebar, footpeg and into the LSL motorradtechnik brand. Its great to get some recognition for the team for all of the work!

Thanks Jochen!
We are going to have a few more pieces coming up featuring Jochen’s passions and products. In the meantime check out all of the LSL accessories that are being launched in the UK this month. For crash pads, handle bars, foot pegs, bar ends, mirrors and loads visit GetGeared’s LSL Product Page. We’re also attending the Ace Café Street Fighter Festival being sponsored by LSL. We’ll be live blogging the whole event via our Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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  1. Peter Lecomte ...CANADA says:

    Hi ,

    I am redoing my NORVIN this winter and incorperating

    some of your fine parts….

    I have been building cafe type bikes for over 30 years.

    Peter Lecomte

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